by Bill Seaman

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P L A N E S = Punctuation, Letters, And Numbers, Entering Superimpositions B P L A N of i l l S e a m a n / Dec. 17, 1981 (1) A Number of Rooms (2) Neuronic Anagrams (3) AV / Acronymic Vehicle ( based on the book Space - Age Acronyms / Abbreviations And Designations, by Reta C. Moser ) (4) C9H13NO3 / Adrenalin ( compound / sound / formula ), a derivative function .apt.alt. - a previous sound work related to the Periodic Chart (5) PLAN P (1) A Number Of Rooms A room of switches Liquid passage Electrical currents The architecture of thought A room expanding As sets of encyclopedias In circular rows Clumsily support A floor of glass A room is memory Forms a fragment Retraced Exploring a room A charged location A hidden circuit Trap door Motion entry Underground railroad A room imbued with histories Of human flight From violation Observing Against a quality of security A safe room quietly erodes becoming the motion of doubt A newspaper photo of a room an excavation in the center reveals a layered shell debris scattered a room evidence of light industry a fabrication process marks scored into the floor movements now still odor of dust a room temporarily sealed a dehumidifier suspended at eye level a gutter on a slope for the overspill a reflecting pool at its base a vaporizer continues an endless cycle a room breathes a room empty and full each room becomes a song when I listen I listen to a number A number of rooms in one L (2) Neuronic Anagrams Below our thresholds of cognitions Co-lobes house hot firing worlds not Unlike synthetic beats Slicy tune kits beneath Reviver Reviver Play telephone lines in mind Hone ply lined planes in time Pool loops Loop pools Isomorphic translations I shop or mic slats it ran on Scrambled modules on (rotating schedules) Calmed blurs no modes (shed rules go intact) (rules ached to sting) This self supporting system seen Is then felt suppose mess string Seeing right and light lobes Felt as one sight rig blend ( ( e left for error ) ) Through the coherent superpositioning of electrochemical flows Etches rough isomorphic ruts info cog ion path tall once where left Do undo my minds of Mind of sound body A (3) AV / Acronymic Vehicle I interphone or public address Mr manufacturing record S special types, magnetic, etc. or combinations of types Lub lubrication Li letter of intent Lob line of balance Let linear energy transfer Cip clean and in place Sad situation attention display Slang site activation division Da dic data dictionary Ds detached service Da director of aircraft V voice V valve Veh vehicle Men multiple Can correlation air navigation Mok international commission on illumination Fast field data applications, systems, and techniques Fax facsimile transmission Mo movement orders Adpso association of data processing service organization Clear compiler, loader, executive program, assembler, routines O observation Sa switching devices Fifo floating point interpretative program Trace taxiing and routing of aircraft and coordinating equipment Trawl tape read and write library Es echo sounding Escape expansion symbolic compiling program for engineers Fast field data applications, systems, and techniques Flip floating point interpretative program Opera ordnance pulses experimental research assembly Tat turn around time Yap yaw and pitch Apoe serial point of embarkation C communications Kwic key word in context Tic transducer information center To time open Ac aircraft Acca ad hoc crypto – coordination agency Act automatic code translation Addu additional duty Aa air to air Ego eccentric geophysical observatory Sa switching devices Fir functional items replacement Fr fast release Lt language translation Flea flux logic element array E & e evasion and escape Ac aircraft C carrier E to e end to end B to b back to back Martini massive analog recording technical instrument for nebulous indication N sound in air Btry battery Mo movement orders Maids multipurpose automatic inspection and diagnostic system Mu memory units Cn compensation Mayday m’aidez C to c center to center Snafu situation normal – all fouled up Piapacs phychophysical information acquisition, processing and control system Prose program system example 1 Countermeasures Prp pulse repetition period Puc provided you concur Rap random access projector Fap floating point arithmetic package Wa word add Fn field note F of f field of fite Cmd core memory driver Cad copy and add Dwd drum write driver Ear electronic audio recognition Eros experimental reflector orbital shop Ap aiming point Par parameter Acc acceptance Cp center of pressure P / p point to point Tf transformers Co close – open Deft dynamic error – free transmission Dart data analysis reduction tape R read R reverse Rif reliability information center Ky keying devices Wa word add K amphibious Dam data association message Mist multi input standard tape Massdar modular analysis speedup, sampling and data reduction system Oh on hand O / o off ocean Smo so much of Slang system language Surge sorting, updating, report generating, etc. Sweep structure with error expurgation program Toes trade off evaluation system Tip test in process Top time of penetration Tis target information system Feat frequency of every allowable term Sofar sound fixing and ranging Neg negative Nar no action required E – scat emergency security control of air traffic Pen program error note Pin position indicator Pre personnel restraint equipment Parade passive – active range determination Pace performance and cost evaluation Par planning accountability records Azar adjustable zero, adjustable range Aso air signal officer Comnet communications network Contrail condensation trail Snort SAGE non real time ( SAGE – semi – automatic ground environment ) Snark snake – shark Maps multivariate analysis and prediction schedules Mit miscellaneous tool Airelo air electrical officer Mino man in, machine out Noco noise correlation Wedge waterless electrical data generating effortless Edge experimental display generation Eva extra vehicular activity At assembly telling Aid auto – ignition temperature Aev aerothermodynamic elastic vehicle Atic air technical intelligence center Amtec automatic time element compensator Airopnet air operational network Advst advanced stoppage N (4) C9 H 13NO 3 / Adrenalin ( compoung / sound / formula ) 6 C Catalyst Casts Catches / times 9 1 H Halation Hall Harbor / times 13 7 N Nerve Net Node / times 1 8 O Oscillation Office Office / times 3 All texts by Seaman


P.L.A.N.E.S. was a live concert of Seaman performing with tapes and a special substitution cypher tape loop at Experimental Intermedia Foundation NYC. DNA Hoover assisted. The sung texts were quite elaborate.

Key Concepts: substitution cyphers, experimental texts, readymade texts as sound art, experimental music, sound art.


released December 7, 2020

All music - Bill Seaman, Produced by Seaman, Mastering by Jos Smolders


all rights reserved



Bill Seaman Durham, North Carolina

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